History of FHF

Publié le 23 janvier 2012

Mise à jour le 22 août 2012

The Initiators

It was in 1889, at the first international congress of assistance in Paris, that Mr Hermann Sabran, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Hospices civils de Lyon first talked about the need for closer collaboration between those involved in hospital issues.
A few years later, in 1916, Mr Diederichs, his successor at the Hospices civils de Lyon, said: "It would be of great interest to the French hospitals and hospices to create a permanent body to coordinate and facilitate their task."
Echoing the concerns of Mr Sabran and MrDiederichs, French hospitals and hospices began in a few years a general gathering. It first took place at a regional level, with the creation of Hospital Unions. Then, was constituted a federal body - the Federation hospitalière de France.

Hospital Unions

Between 1917 and 1924, five hospital unions emerged:

  • The  Union Hospitalière du Sud-Est (UHSE);
  • The Union Hospitalière du Nord-Est (UHNE);
  • The Union Hospitalière du Nord-Ouest (UHNO);
  • The Union Hospitalière du Sud-Ouest (UHSO);
  • The Union Hospitalière du Centre (UHC).

The Federation hospitalière de France is born from their common will in 1924:
"Having recognized the need to coordinate their efforts for the development and improvement of hospital care, the five unions existing in France expressed support for the creation of a federation and approved a draft constitution ".
In subsequent years, the Union hospitalière d’Ile-de-France and the overseas Unions were created.

The Fédération hospitalière de France

In the years following the creation of metropolitan hospital unions, similar meetings held throughout France. In 1924, still at the initiative of the Hospices civils de Lyon, administrators, representatives of hundreds of hospitals representing regional unions, gathered in this city. They founded a national association, the Fédération hospitalière de France whose missions were : "To coordinate efforts of the hospital Unions in their search for ways to extend the action areas of the medical profession in France; to create organizations to facilitate its operation; to pool resources available to those Unions for the organization of supplying cooperatives; to use all practical means of intervention and lobbying on the government, on elected bodies, communities, pension and welfare and support works, on the medical profession in France."
In 2006, a reform of the FHF statutes replaced the inter-regional hospital Union by Federations sitting on the administrative regions. This new organization allows the FHF to be consistent with health reforms.

Today, with 31 regional federations representing more than 2500 institutions, the FHF is widely recognized for its expertise on health issues.